The table below shows the complete pricing structure for Family HEART Camp of West Virginia. For more information on pricing visit the Cost Page.


Age Range



Early Bird

Before April 8

Full Price

After April 8

Indoor Lodging *

Tent Camping **

Indoor Lodging *

Tent Camping **

Child 2-4 ***





Child 5-12





Teen & Adult





Prices are per person for age 2 and up, including lodging, meals and all programming.

* Indoor lodging consists of either bedrooms in the Lodge House or mini-cabins. See the Abram's Creek Retreat website for more details.

** Tent campers are expected to bring their own tents, bedding, and other camping gear. If you wish to camp and are unable to bring your own gear, please let us know.

*** Children under age 2 are requested to be in the company of a parent at all times. Participants with children under age 5 are requested to support children's activities for at least one hour per day per family.

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