Hosting Team

The FHC West Virginia Hosting Team includes the camp host and others who engage in planning and organizing the camp throughout the year. Without these people, there would be no camp!

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Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge

mali parke 2016

Mali Parke

M Strube Portrait 03

Matt Strube

Contact List

Have a question about FHC-WV? Here is a list of who to contact for various functional areas. Just click on a link to display the contact form for the listed person.

Contact Name Functional Areas Covered
 Rhonda Eldridge     Money, Caterer/Food, Registration, Meetings, FHC Coordinating Circle
 Mali Parke  Marketing, Supplies, Invited Trainers, Fundraising, FHC Coordinating Circle   
 Matt Strube  Venue, Volunteers, Alternate Finance Requests

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