There are two types of volunteer positions available: Program Assistant and Hosting Assistant. All Family HEART Camps use Community Sourced Programming (CSP) as the program framework in each camp. There are not separate programs based on participant age.

Hosting Assistants

kitchenfunWe invite volunteers who wish to contribute to camp in all areas of camp life. These assistants support the Hosting Team with logistical details such as:

  • Lodging liasion
  • Kitchen liaison
  • Food preparation
  • Meal cleanup
  • Other contributions

Do you have special skills you would like to contribute? Please let us know when you register and apply for a volunteer position.  

Program Assistants

Jennifer LennonThe camp Program Team includes people who intend to serve the community by making Community Sourced Programming (CSP) offerings.

We strive to build a robust team for each camp. We want to provide a wide variety of program offerings for all ages. We also value choice, freedom and exploration for our team members. We want them to make offerings that appeal to them. We don't want them to be constrained to work with a specific age group or demographic.

 We request the following minimum qualifications to serve as a member of the Program Team at one of our camps. These requests may be waived or modified based on the needs of the particular camp and other considerations.

  1. By the beginning of camp, participate in at least twenty hours of NVC training with at least six months of practice.
  2. Become familiar with the Community Sourced Programming (CSP) program framework as described on the FHC Camp Overview Page.
  3. Articulate specific CSP program sessions you would enjoy offering to the camp community, or state your willingness to serve in general program support. 
  4. Demonstrate skill in giving and receiving empathy.
  5. Optional: demonstrate interest and skill in working with children and/or teens. 

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