The table below shows the complete pricing structure for Family HEART Camp of Ohioana. For more information on pricing visit the Cost Page.


Age Range 

Lodging Type

Cottage / Lodge

Shared Cabin *

Tent Camping **

Child 2-12 ***




Teen & Adult




Prices are per person for age 2 and up, including lodging, meals and all programming.

We request an initial deposit of at least 50% of your total registration fee no later than June 15th. Payment in full is due by July 20th.

* Each Shared Cabin sleeps up to 13 people in bunkbeds. We ask small families to be prepared to share a cabin with one or more other small families. Depending on family size and availability, larger families may be able to have an entire cabin to themselves. The bathrooms are a short to medium walk from the cabin.

** Five electrical hookups are available in the campground on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ample primitive camping sites are available around the lake.

*** Children under age 2 are requested to be in the company of a parent at all times. Participants with children under age 5 are requested to support children's activities for at least one hour per day per family.

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