Joshua Hathaway

Jennifer Warnickjoshua hathawayJoshua Hathaway is a dedicated father, compassionate coach and consultant, and troubadour devoted to the "ordinary awakening" that is taking place all over the planet as we remember our wholeness, interdependence and larger purpose. A 2005 graduate of the BayNVC North American Leadership Program and a 2008 Master's Graduate in Holistic Counseling, Joshua has a passion for inspiring connection and transformation in diverse groups. He has been doing so as a teacher, mentor, and coach/counselor for over fifteen years. He is currently touching the lives of many individuals, couples, families, youth and organizations all over the United States with his coaching, consulting/training, and online videos. Find out more at! Joshua's commitment to transformation, enchantment with nature, and infectious love of play have served him well in his ten years of NVC/Family HEART Camp youth program leadership. In this setting his needs for connection and community, fun, living interdependence, creativity, and "hamming it up" have been met with abundance. Joshua is eager to play with a new group of compassionate pioneers in that field out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing very soon!

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