To meet needs for shared understanding, clarity, and order, we believe it is helpful to enter into agreements with each other regarding how we will be in community during Family HEART Camp (FHC). In service of ease and preparation, we offer the following agreements as requests, to honor everyone’s needs. The requests are based on safety, security, and mutuality experiences of both FHC and Unirondack.  If you find one or more of these agreements unwieldy for anyone in your family, please contact a member of the host team. We wish to support everyone’s needs at FHC, and will consider modifications to an agreement if possible.

Four Critical Agreements: Children, Drugs, Fire, and Water Safety

Supervision of Children: Family HEART Camp is intended as a loving, supportive environment for our children, where all needs are honored and children have the opportunity to make choices and take responsibility for the quality of their experience. While the Program Team is in place to help create a container of safety and comfort for learning, parents bear ultimate responsibility for the safety of their children at all times during the week. We request that parents take responsibility for the care of their children when no other arrangements (programming, community events, or personal arrangements) have been made. For example, please:

    • accompany young children to the art shop or campfire circle,

    • accompany young children near the water and on boats,

    • do not leave young children in the lodge unsupervised at night. If you decide to go to bed after the campfire, please take your children with you.

Drug & Alcohol Policy: Drug use, alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking is not permitted at Unirondack.

  • Open Flames: Open flames can be very dangerous at Unirondack because of the nature of our facilities and the distance from fire authorities. Please do not create any open flames (no candles, incense or cigarettes are allowed at camp). Our campfire circle, lodge fireplace, dining hall fireplace and wood stoves are the only places safe for flames at Unirondack.

Water Safety: If someone wants to swim they may do so at their own risk provided there is an adult present. Children are not permitted to swim without an adult. Kayaks, canoes and sailboats are available for your use. If you want to use one, please sign it out and wear a life jacket. Please do not go boating after sunset.

Other Agreements to Support Ease, Clarity and Order:

Food in Cabins: Unirondack requires that no food, snacks or candy be in your cabin (it attracts chipmunks and mice). The safest place to keep food is in your car.  Food can be stored in refrigerators in the cafeteria.

Art Shop: Unirondack requires at least one Artshop Guardian present at all times for the art shop to be open. This person is over the age of 18, and is responsible for cleanup, safety, and using supplies and tools in a manner that is conducive to their reuse by others.

Keep it Clean: Please sweep out your cabin and put your trash on your porch before leaving camp, return all dishes and mugs to the dining hall, and try not to leave any belongings behind at camp.

Phones, Internet and Electronic Entertainments: To support all of us in avoiding the distractions of everyday life, we request that you leave your electronic devices at home or in your car, and refrain from using them during programming or other community activities. There is no cell phone service at camp. We urge you to leave your electronic devices in your room or car, and only use them in those locations. If needed, there are land phone lines for your use, and wireless Internet is available at specific locations.

Other Safety Concerns:

    • The Maintenance Shop and Kitchen have hazardous equipment. Entry is permitted to authorized people only.

    • Please drive very slowly as you enter or leave the camp upper or lower parking areas.

    • Make sure to stay away from wild animals.

Please leave at home

    • Pets

    • Weapons of any kind

    • Air conditioners

Chemical Sensitivities:  We anticipate there may be campers with chemical sensitivity to fragrances and other chemicals. To support the well-being of anyone who may be sensitive, and to reduce your attractiveness to insects, we request you consider bringing, to the extent workable for you, only unscented products such as soap, deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, and fragrances. Let us know if you have allergies or sensitivities that we should be aware of.

Precious Items: Please do not bring anything of value to camp that you might regret if it is lost, gets dirty or broken.

Visitors: The “container” of FHC of Wisconsin is largely based on shared experience and trust. We believe that having visitors in the camp who are not participating in the program might lead to disruptions in camp structure and programming, and may not support the experience of all campers. We request that if you wish to meet with someone not participating in the camp that you do so somewhere other than FHC.

Leaving the Premises: Safety, security, and accountability can be best served if the Program Team is aware of campers who plan to leave the venue. We request that all participants check out and in with a Program Team member if you are leaving Unirondack during program time.

Quiet Hours: We believe that adequate rest and peace are essential for sustaining engagement throughout the week. We request that all campers honor quiet time in the camp each night from 8:30 PM to 7 AM.

Thank you for helping to keep Family HEART Camp and Unirondack awesome and safe for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


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