Making Camp Affordable

Money is a strategy for meeting needs. We find that remembering this can help us keep financial issues in perspective.

Everyone's needs matter, including your family's! We want to meet your needs as well as ours! Let's determine how to do this with a sense of partnership.

These are the relevant needs of the camp community from the camp organizers' perspective:

  • Contribution to the well-being of families and the quality of relationship and life experienced by parents and children.
  • Contribution to creating the sort of world we most enjoy living in.
  • Creating community, and an experience of fun, learning, and love.
  • Inclusion of as many families as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances.
  • Financial sustainability to offer more camps to families in future years and scholarships.
  • Mutuality – a sense that we are all contributing

We invite you to consider both your needs and ours as you think about paying for camp.


We would like to make it possible for any family that wants to come to Family HEART Camp to attend. We try to keep the cost of attending as low as we can, while offering a powerful and enjoyable experience. But we recognize that some families may find it challenging to afford. We would like to offer some possible strategies to help. You might:

  1. Take advantage of an early bird discount and/or the discount for recruiting another family.
  2. Opt for an extended payment plan.
  3. Do personal fundraising. (Before saying "No way!" please read the section below.)
  4. Request a scholarship.

We discuss these possibilities in more detail in the sections below. We would love for you to be able to attend. In most cases we will be able to come up with a mutually agreeable arrangement. Expenses such as room and board are less flexible than those related to programming. We are more likely to offer a scholarship if you are willing to cover the direct room and board costs of your family.

fhc7Bring a Friend and Save

We recognize the efforts of those who recruit other families to attend with a 5% registration discount.

If someone you tell about Family HEART Camp registers a family for camp, we give each family a 5% discount off your total registration fee. There is no limit to the number of families you can recruit, so bring your whole neighborhood!

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer. This discount applies:

  • Only to families who would not otherwise have come to the camp without your efforts.
  • When both the referring and referred families are paying the regular price. It cannot be used with other discounts (e.g. pre-registration) or approved Alternate Finance requests.

Ready to apply? Send an e-mail to the Registrar with two important things:

  1. request the referral discount and
  2. tell us the names of the referring and referred families

After both families have registered, our Registrar will update each family's total amount to reflect the 5% discount.

Personal Fundraising

Please also consider the possibility of personal fundraising. We realize that this idea may be scary, perhaps so scary as to seem out of the question at first. Most of us are not used to asking for help in meeting our needs. But this sort of asking can be both effective and surprisingly empowering.

Some families we know who did personal fundraising found the results quite enjoyable. In fact, others who knew them were inspired to do the same thing the next year, so that they too could attend!

Some keys to asking for help using needs awareness include:

  • Paint a vision of what it will do for you if you are able to attend Family HEART Camp. Consider how you feel when you think about it. What needs do you expect it to meet for you and your family? What needs might it meet even for those your family will interact with afterwards?
  • Identify this as an opportunity to help make your life more wonderful.
  • Make it clear that “yes” and “no” are both good answers to your request. Stress to others that you want a “yes” only if it can be offered with joy. If there is any sense of doing so out of a sense of obligation, you would prefer a “no”. When you value a relationship, it’s generally important to do only things that will add to the quality of the relationship. These guidelines help ensure that either answer, honestly given, will contribute to the relationship.

These are the basic ideas that you need to know to ask for financial help from family, friends, or others. Please let us know if you need some coaching on how to ask using compassionate communication.


We intend to offer some scholarships of varying amounts. This depends on two things:

  • our ability to raise funds to support these scholarships
  • the number of families attending who are able to pay the full cost

The availability of scholarships may vary depending on the financial situation of each camp. 

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A parent leads story time with younger campers at the West Virginia Camp

Parents might spontaneously decide to lead a storytime, as this mother did, to the delight of our younger campers! 

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