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We came to FHC for the first time in 2014. We had just come through a long period of challenge for our family as I was very sick with a brain related illness that has taken 2+ years to recover from. We got to just be as a family. Our gratitude in being able to just be with each other after that long stressful period was priceless. Our kids connected with other kids, my spouse made connections with other men and he learned about NVC and found commonalities in struggle others face in parenting. I was able to explore old passions, feel the support of community, learn how to navigate challenging situations with more tools and feel wonderfully free. PLUS we did not need to cook for the family for a week - we happily helped out but didn't have the job of cooking or meal planning - that was HUGE.

When we left, my husband was already talking about going in 2015. We did go this year and the experience was even deeper and richer for us. This camp has really supported our family on so many levels. It is an awesome way to be together as a family, in the company of others on the parenting journey. I am so gratful that we found it. May it flourish and thrive in all ways!

Savitri Tsering, mother of two children, Wisconsin.

Caroline2015Family HEART Camp is a time and place where the kids are completely safe to explore, have fun, push the edge all the while of being in a loving, caring environment created by kids and adults.  Wow, its that same for parents.  That’s why we come back year after year.

Caroline Altmann, mother of two children, Ohio.




My experience at Family HEART Camp was revolutionary. I came as a single volunteer with hopes to learn and share gifts, and as the week continued on, I felt higher aspects of who I am emerging. Validation, acceptance, and love allowed my heart to express more freely, and with the basic agreements to an NVC point of view, I felt safe in expressing myself to others. What I was amazed to learn was that, when I entered this environment with a large but intimate group, healing happened faster.

I also witnessed many parents having shame-releasing "a-ha" moments, when they found out their perceived mistakes or fears were the same as others'. We are not supposed to go through this life alone, and FHC really showed me why community is such an important part of our collective evolution.

Jennifer Beauvais, Volunteer, Wisconsin.

ReneeOur family had a very enriching experience, learning new communication skills and further developing the skills we had. The selection of sessions was great and allowed for intellectual as well as kinesthetic interactions with both our own family as well as others. The facilitation team was compassionate, skilled, caring and well-attuned to the needs of the attendees. Many thanks for this experience!

Renee Panetta, mother of two children, New York.


ethan 2015I am so grateful for Family HEART Camp.  It arrived in our life at just the right time, providing so many opportunities for connection with other heart 'minded' people, who also come to camp with an openness, willingness and acceptance that is immediately embracing.  Talking with old friends and meeting new folk always seems to begin without facades one has to work through, with the genuine intention of beginning friendship, understanding and connection.  For my son, it is such a powerful place of connection given the many number of kids to play with, the freedom and options to choose to play as he wishes, the support of staff who with great care embrace the need for play and support this with tender empathic skill.  He thanked Jennifer at the end of camp saying - 'thank you for making a place where I can come and play."  Emphasize the word play.  There were sooo many opportunities for him to interact with kids same, younger and older ages in really fun and positive ways - boys and girls, really rich experiences - and to see others, people of all ages interacting and living in very life positive manners.  The education/learning/connecting offerings were many and super, simply not enough time to gather it all in; the support staff stellar and the food so yum and nourishing.  I leave with my heart open and full and having witnessed some of life at its best and yearning for life to be like this more of the time.

Diane Prazenka, mother of one child, Wisconsin

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