FHC WV 2014

FHC WI 2014


Abram's Creek Retreat

Elk Garden, West Virginia

Villa Maria Retreat Center

Frontenac, Minnesota

Greenwood Lake Camp

Delaware, Ohio

Tayal Family

When I think back to our week at Family HEART Camp this summer, I am filled with warm memories. My four children and I all made deep connections with other people. Even two months later, my 2-year-old daughter still talks about the kids she met. There was a lot of age diversity at camp, with young and old and every age in between. I was particularly impressed with the programming available for teens. My teenager had fun and connected with other teens, kids and adults.

The staff and participants created a community with abundant support, empathy, learning, and fun. It wasn’t all roses; there was some real conflict that came up. Instead of running from it, the community embraced it as a chance to learn more about each other and make our connections more authentic. I can’t remember being in a community that was so brave about conflict.

After attending camp, I feel more empowered to create the kind of family culture that I want. It’s not only that I had an experience of an empathic community, not only that I learned new NVC skills, but I also carry with me the ongoing support of an empathy buddy I met at camp.

Thank you for the countless hours that it must have taken to make something like this happen. I’m filled with gratitude and hope, and I’m definitely planning on coming back next year!

Suzanne Tayal, mother of four children, ages 2, 7, 11 and 15, Ohio.

Michelle MadgettMy two children and I joined Family HEART Camp in Ohio last year for the first time, when I fulfilled the role of Camp Cook. I loved the way we experienced the camp as an entire community, created and living within the span of 7 days. Because I was cooking all day, the "village" held my kids in one giant extended family.

My daughter has embraced Nonviolent Communication, but this was a game-changer for my son! For us, it mattered a lot for him to be among other adults (and kids) who communicate with the intention of hearing needs, finding mutual understanding, and resolving issues using the principles of NVC. He made some great friends and already has asked (more than once) if we can go back next summer!

Michell Madgett, Camp Cook and mother of two children ages 9 and 12, Ohio.


RussellsFHC 2014 was a wonderful experience for myself, my husband and our 11 year old son. Camp was set up in such a way so as to be uniquely meaningful and fun for all participants, regardless of age or skill level with NVC. There was lots of aliveness around fun, adventure, learning and choice.

Through the programming, I experienced support in deepening my self-awareness and increasing my capacity to be present for myself and others. I learned NVC tools to support my ongoing internal shifts and find that, through this work, I am continually experiencing more peace within myself and within my family. My husband and I even got to experience first hand the magic and power of empathic presence in a private session with one of the trainers, in which we entered into a difficult dialogue, held with an amazing amount of care, presence and support. Morning circles modeled NVC consciousness through live impromptu dialogues rooted in NVC practices as well as role plays showing us what connection and shift looks and feels like in the midst of conflict.

Support was always available and in ways that cultivated needs-awareness and trust in the NVC process, whether it was for working through interpersonal conflict or logistical issues.
The creators, organizers, and trainers showed up every day with so much spaciousness within their beings that they were able to meet us open-heartedly and with care.

Since attending this camp (and also one in 2010), I have noticed an expansion around what I believe is possible in relationship with my son, my husband and other communities to which I belong. The learning is experiential. The effects are long lasting. We learned, we had fun, and we made meaningful connections with other participants, which have continued beyond camp. Looking forward to FHC 2015.

Adele Russell, mother of an 11 year old, West Virginia




adam eldridgeFamily HEART Camp is great for me because I am allowed to do pretty much whatever I want and so it is nice. Yeah. It's relaxing.

Adam Eldridge, Age 15

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