FHC Virginia 2010

Prince William Forest Park

Triangle, Virginia

Pam and Leanne Grunow"I enjoyed spending time in the youth program.  It was so relaxed and joyful. I loved the freedom to choose any activity offered and spend as much time as desired.  I loved watching the very skilled and heart-full staff interact with the kids.  I think I learned the most from that.  I asked my daughter what she enjoyed most about the kids program and she just said 'all of it.'"

Pam Grunow, mother of a 10 year old, Virginia.







 "I am so thankful to the youth program staff who came in a way that was so present.  I loved how much they seemed to enjoy the Susan McDowallchildren and to take them right where they were.    In my life, I have never seen that.  It was truly amazing to see that and to see the joy in my kids' eyes as they felt deeply connected to people other than their parents. Personally, what I enjoyed about the adult program, is that I got to have the space to think about what was alive for me.  Since having the children, I have been mainly preoccupied with what needs are alive for them.  I really only considered my needs when they were so apparent and so acute, I could do nothing but pay attention to them.  I like this new approach where I take care of my needs little by little and I make time for myself to do that.  Honestly, that thought had never dawned on me.  I was so busy trying to parent in a new way and be present for my kids, that I never spent any time thinking about my own emotional needs. I appreciate all the time and attention to detail that you all took on so that I could have a really really gorgeous week with my family.  Thank you for that.  I have a deeper connection with each person in my family and with myself and it is because of the space you all created by taking care of so many of these details and providing a really enriching program."


Susan McDowall, mother of 3 children, ages 3, 5 and 7, Virginia.

Eliane Geren"I was at family Heart Camp with my son and grandson (14 yrs.) My son already had some NVC understanding, but Nathanael didn't. I am thrilled that during his immersion in NVC via the staff, his heart was deeply touched by what he experienced--the 'no-fault zone' and the acceptance. I also saw instances where boys were accepted when they expressed feelings and that touched me."

Eliane Geren, Volunteer Assistant, Virginia.




"I have been wanting to write to you for awhile to let you know what a life-changing experience FHC was for Adina Docterus. Life-changing isn't quite accurate-- it's more like FHC helped to put us more securely on the path that we dearly wanted to be on as a family. We are a little more sure-footed now, more delighted and more supported to live from our deepest values. NVC touched my son (who was 8 at the time of the camp) so deeply. When we came home he very tenderly said, "I want to do FHC every year..." then quietly and with conviction as it was bubbling up from his depths he said "I want to do it for the rest of my life." One time he started to talk about how much aliveness there was at FHC. He said, "There was just so much. Much more than I imagined there would be. It just blew me away" then he said, "it just broke up all of my jackal parts." The beauty of FHC was that it gave him a first hand experience of NVC from skilled trainers who lived NVC and created an environment rich in care and choice. Then add to this the richness of having the parents and larger camp community engaged in a similar process; this is just magic. It is much more potent than having it just come from a parent who is just learning NVC themselves. It is so rich that we get to share this journey together. It so alive for both of us to practice NVC. We are even closer than before; and we have always been very close. When the emphasis is on empathy, the other stuff matters less. There is more choice and more imagination on this path. Definitely more peace. It's not that we are always peaceful-- not at all. It's just that we are walking a path in which we value peace and that now we have tools to stay on --or at least near the path. I am so grateful to all of you for creating such a rich experience for my family. We are now on a new life-path, a kind of adventure into the heart. And the beauty is that we can share it together!!"

Adina Docter, mother of 8 year old, Virginia.


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