Prince William Forest Park

Triangle, Virginia

The Warnick Family“This experience was very valuable for us as a family as a new beginning of how we want to communicate to each other and beyond! The ability to meet without the children was pivotal and addressing real situations helped to support the practice.”

Mark Warnick, father of 12 year old, Virginia.

“We enjoyed connecting with so many people who value compassionate relationships and my family is committed to working to embody NVC in our lives.  We’re planning to return next year!”

Jennifer Warnick, mother of 12 year old, Virginia.

“I have never experienced such dedication as I did from all the staff members! Unbelievable. I also enjoyed the support and connection with all of the participants. Thank you so much for the experience.”

Geert van Gele, father of 9 year old, Virginia.

"I really enjoyed the camp and my children did too. I appreciated openness of facilitators, experiential learning activities and being in community with other like-minded parents."

Gina Strauss, mother of two children, 3 and 5 years old,Virginia.

“The staff cared for our children better than we could have - we get angry with them sometimes, but the staff never did! We are returning next year.”

Prashant Shah, father of 9 year old, Virginia

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