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Abrams Creek

Elk Garden, West Virginia

Peaceful Meadow Retreat

Boulder, Colorado

Keanae YMCA Camp

Maui, Hawaii

Perlman Retreat Center

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

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Dylan & Nancy Hyburg, West Virginia

Kelsey Payne, Colorado

Naia Goedert, Colorado

LIsaHI wanted you all to know that my son has really taken the work of camp into his heart. Independently, effortlessly reflecting my feelings, using compassionate cleanup twenty minutes after blowing up at me, and yesterday he said, "Mom, I like the word 'no' now because you can use it in phrases like 'No fault zone.'" We are all teachers for each other. Thank you all for holding this container for me and my family!

 Lisa Hassin, mother of two, Colorado.






Family HEART Camp exceeded my expectations. While I had lots of fears about how I would fit in being a family of one, I was welcomed and embraced by the families that I had the opportunity to interact with. Living NVC, I was able to see it in action with all of its imperfections, just as we are imperfect human beings just doing the best we can. I was inspired to keep trying to use NVC in my own imperfect way and am continually surprised by the miraculous results I am getting. I look forward to going to camp next summer and want to encourage others to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to live in a community of love and support for an entire week!

Jo Anne Lundberg, Wisconsin. 



robin2 2013Family HEART Camp is a safe haven to connect with myself, my children, and my community. I have attended for the last three years and have found each experience to be unique and transformative. My children come home from camp saying, "next year, I want to..." and "how long till the next Family HEART Camp?"

Robin O'Brien, mother of three and member of the Hosting Team, West Virginia.





AshaMMy entire family, even the ones that didn't fully participate said this was the best family reunion we have ever had. We have been doing them since I was really small, so that is a pretty large statement. I think the reason for this was that we all became much more compassionate, really listened to each others' needs during the week and learned how to better communicate. We have all been trying to implement the skills we used in the camp and it really seems to be working, which is providing even more happiness, connection and bonding with each other. I'm truly grateful for this camp and wanted to thank you again for organizing it and putting so much love and HEART into it.

Asha Mevlana, who attended camp as part of a family reunion, Colorado.



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Anonymous Youthful Participant, Hawaii.

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