Family HEART Camp Wisconsin 2012

Prince William Forest Park

Triangle, Virginia

Peaceful Meadow Retreat

Boulder, Colorado

Renew the Earth Institute

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Lydia F-RI had a transformative experience with my ten-year-old daughter at Family HEART Camp.  For the past year, we'd been slowly growing more distant, mostly due to the fast pace of family life, and her shifting from childhood to adolescence.  At the time we arrived at camp, the running joke (with truth soaked through it) was her not wanting any sign of affection from me or her dad, from hugs to "I love you's."  After a couple of challenging nights at camp negotiating 'lights off' times with her brother, and really hearing my daughter express that she felt her needs were 'never' being met, I suggested we talk to one of the staff people.  A conversation with Cathy gave us a quick solution to the night-time problem -- another room for my daughter -- plus allowed me to tell her that I really heard her need to be seen, as well as tell her how helpless I feel when I'm caught between my kids' two sets of seemingly incompatible needs.  Since that conversation, my daughter has been snuggling up to me like a kitten, both more physically affectionate and personally warm.  I feel like my family life has been transformed by Family HEART Camp.

Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, mother of two children, ages 10 and 6, Colorado.

Rhonda at GreenbrierSomehow, that space, that intention allows the song that is sung at the first circle to become real.  Safety here.  Love here.  Peace here.  Acceptance here. Every story I could tell, come under those headings. Our sharing at the picnic table about relationships about kids. My time with Eddie. My time with the teenagers. All of it, the planned times, the unplanned times. You have nurtured the space, what grows there...

Rhonda Eldridge, mother of a twelve year old, Virginia.




Lorinda BoschWhen I'm at Family HEART Camp, I feel enveloped in a community that weaves a container of support and care around my family and me.  I trust that I can lean into my friends at camp and be heard, no matter what I have to express.  My needs for laughter and for many choices for fun are completely met, and specifically, as a volunteer, my need for contribution is joyfully met.  Most of all, though, my need for 16 hugs a day is met!  This meaningful connection feels like a long exhale...my belly and heart are warm and soft.  After Family HEART Camp this year, I was not surprised to hear my daughter, Natalie (age 16), publicly and consciously make a needs guess after I had expressed my feelings (without my prompting or requesting her to do so).  Her willingness and ability to imagine the view through my eyes affirms that our world is certainly changing into a more compassionate place!   We are all planting seeds of compassion together, and FHC is one fertile ground in which those seeds will grow.

Lorinda Bosch, FHC Registrar, Youth Volunteer and mother of a sixteen year old, Virginia.

Susan McDowallOur family has gone to Family HEART Camp for three years in a row, and we regard it as one of the most effective strategies to achieve deep family connection and harmony that we have encountered. In addition to being able to connect deeply with ourselves and our children, Family HEART Camp has also offered us opportunities to connect with other families who are also seeking a peaceful way to exist in the world. It is because of those deep connections with others, ourselves and our children that our family's experiences at camp are some of the most precious family memories we have.

Susan McDowall, mother of three children ages 9, 7and 5, Wisconsin



Family HEART Camp was a lovely experience for me and my daughter allowing us an opportunity to reconnect.  I am continuing to use some of what I learned at the camp, however, sometimes I am not willing so I learned that I could offer myself self-empathy around this until I am. When I went to FHC, I kept trying to read people to see what behavior/response/mask was expected of me and all I got was a blank.  At first I thought it was detachment until I realized nothing was needed from me and it helped me to be in a more authentic space and healing.

Amy Reedy, mother of a 12 year old, Virginia.

Robin O'Brien and FamilyFamily HEART Camp has meant so much to my family.  We each came home with wonderful memories and valuable tools to connect and reconnect when we momentarily lose our connections. I love hearing my children tell others of their experiences at Family HEART Camp.  It warms my heart to know that our time brought them so much joy and rich memories.  

Robin O'Brien, mother of three children ages 10, 8 and 2, Virginia.



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