Engaging Conflict

reconciliationWe believe that conflict is a natural part of our human experience, something that will arise with many faces within our families and the community. Our intention is to relate with these situations with care and intention through restorative practices, which emphasize engaging conflict as a means to restore the relationships that can suffer harm as a result of our actions. NVC offers many practices to support us in relating with conflict with integity and care.

Near the beginning of our camp week, we will spend some time developing community agreements about how we intend to relate with each other and care for the well-being of our community. One important aspect of this process is establishing a restorative system that meets the needs of the community as a whole AND its individual members. Once this system is in place, we can relax into showing up in community with our full authenticity, trusting that we have a community practice to help us come back to each other when we lose our sense of connection.

One form of restorative practice with a direct connection to NVC is Restorative Circles, a set of practices developed by Dominic Barter. To learn more about the details of this practice, please visit the Restorative Circles website.

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