Registration & Finances

kitchenfunOnline registration for Family HEART Camp is available on the Registration Page of this website, which is linked through the Action Menu once registration opens in mid-February 2016. The opening of registration will be announced in the monthly e-mail newsletter and on the home page of the website.

Our intention for Family HEART Camp is to provide a valuable, unique experience of community based in compassionate communication. Our costs to produce this experience include venue rental, food service and program supplies, as well as staff room and board and compensation. In order to cover these expenses, we charge an amount that is somewhat higher than the direct cost of attendance. For most venues, the per-person cost is about $600, which includes room, board and all programming. Depending on the camp location, there are typically discounts available for early registration and limited opportunities for scholarships. You can see a table showing last year's pricing scales on the Cost Page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about FHC registration and finances.

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