Staff & Programming

DSCF3987Family HEART Camp offers robust opportunities for multi-generational connection, learning and play to our attendees. In addition to devoting significant time each day to community play and group process, we structure our program sessions with Community Sourced Programming (CSP), an adaptation of Open Space Technology (OST). You can read more about CSP in the following section.

Hosting Team

Each camp is served by a Hosting Team dedicated to cultivating a welcoming environment in the camp and providing for the logistical care of the community. This team includes a core group to plan and organize the camp during the year, assisted by Hosting Volunteers who serve during the camp week. Members of this team may also serve on the Program Team.

Program Team

The camp Program Team consists of people who are committed to making program offerings during CSP sessions. This team may include one or more Certified Trainers with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, members of the Hosting Team and Program Volunteers.

Community Sourced Programming

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Community Sourced Programming (CSP) at Family HEART Camp is a programming structure that provides an abundance of content choices for participants of all ages. Each day begins with a whole camp gathering for community building and activity planning. In these gatherings, both staff and campers have the opportunity to plan the activities that will take place throughout the day. Each program session offers multiple activity options, allowing the camp community to collaborate in creating camp activities in which both children and parents are excited to participate.

Experienced NVC leaders help infuse the community with a rich experience of the values at the core of Family HEART Camp and the communication skills that help us all realize those values. Staff members design and lead activities based on the interests expressed by the campers. CSP programming also allows campers the opportunity to lead sessions, if they so choose. Staff members support camper leadership and are ready to actively assist whenever necessary.

CSP programming also respects the personal choice of all campers. Campers of all ages have the freedom to choose the activities to which they are most drawn, including the option of changing activities at will. Session participants can also influence the leadership of any activity, practicing authentic, respectful communication to help the leaders think flexibly about how to proceed. Some activities are focused on having fun, some on learning new things, but all of them underscore the FHC values of Harmony, Ease, Authenticity, Respect, and Trust. Because the whole camp community collaborates in creating the camp program, campers can trust that their needs will be addressed. This collaboration supports everyone at camp to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Potential Offerings

OST boardWhile each camp's Program Team is generally responsible for making offerings during CSP sessions, this is a community framework and anyone in the community may make additional offerings. CSP helps us provide abundance of choice for participants of all ages.

Here is a small sampling of sessions which might be offered:

  • Introduction to NVC
  • Field Games, including Capture the Flag, Soccer, Wiffle-Ball and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Connecting with Feelings through Bodily Sensations
  • Improv Games
  • Loving-Kindness Meditation
  • Crafts such as plaster masks, "Oobleck," painting and drawing, play-doh
  • Making Family Agreements
  • Making Fairy Houses
  • Facilitated Listening Circle
  • Taking NVC to the Street

To learn more about CSP, please contact us.

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