Tim Hartnett

Tim HarnettTim Hartnett, Host of FHC California, is a professional facilitator, mediator and family therapist. He is author of the book, Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making, (New Society Publishers, 2011). He was also a parent education columnist for ten years. Tim has a doctorate in psychology and a counseling practice in Santa Cruz, California, where he employs NVC regularly to help couples and families communicate more effectively.

Tim has lived in intentional communities all his adult life. He enjoys helping groups of people bond and generate a sense of community. He has trained many co-housing communities in consensus and group facilitation.

Tim is also a singer/songwriter and guitarist. He has produced three CD's with his band Just Love. He loves singing with people and has quite a repertoire of song-alongs.

And most importantly, Tim is father to his 21 year old daughter, Molly.

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