Jennifer Beauvais

Jennifer Beauvais

Jennifer Beauvais is a play therapist and body psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado. Her beliefs in the life energy that can exist in healthy communication have led her to join with Family HEART Camp. Jennifer is dedicated to providing education to community members about the brain and body structures and functions that lead to our perceptions of the world. She has deeply studied how children communicate via behavior and play, and therapeutically supports children, parents, and families in opening the lines of understanding between each other.

Jennifer joined with FHC because her experience has shown her that, as evolutionary tribal beings, humans need the support of the community. She sees that within community lies perspective, help, validation, support, and love. Also, within community is the possibility to use our phenomenal brains to respond to conflict and discord with agreed-upon dignity and grace. She continues to study NVC and weave it into her teachings.

As a Somatic Counsling Psychology graduate of Naropa University, Jennifer is certified in Synergetic Play Therapy. She currently runs a private psychotherapy practice for children, adolescents and parents. She also works with iThrive, a program in Alternatives for Youth, which is a non-profit dedicated to supporting teens who have been caught with drugs or alcohol in school, as well as their families. She is looking forward to co-hosting the 2017 Colorado Family HEART Camp.

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