FHC Coordinating Circle

The Coordinating Circle (FHC-CC) governs the day-to-day operations of Family HEART Camp. The FHC-CC includes one or more representatives from each member camp, as well as the FHC Registrar and Director. They meet monthly by telephone for mutual support, camp updates and to make decisions affecting the entire camp community.

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Steve Andersen

Steve Andersen (New York Co-Host)

Jennifer Beauvais

Jennifer Beauvais (Colorado Co-Host)

Lorinda Bosch

Lorinda Bosch (Registrar)

Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge (West Virginia Co-Host)


Jared Finkelstein (California Co-Host)

Genevieve Keller 2016

Genevieve Keller (Colorado Co-Host)

Jan McCracken

Jan McCracken (New York Co-Host)

Mali Parke

Mali Parke (West Virginia Co-Host)

Greg Rouillard

Gregory Rouillard (Director)

Jennifer Warnick

Jennifer Warnick (Wisconsin Host)

Susanna Warren

Susanna Warren (Ohio Host)

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