The Proven Impact of Family HEART Camp


 During the 2013 Family HEART Camp season, we conducted a study to determine if there is a definable impact of attending camp. The study consisted of a short survey, administered to about forty camp participants at the beginning and end of camp and then about eight weeks later. The survey asks respondents to rate how well certain needs are met in their families and how frequently they observe certain behaviors in themselves and in their family members. We randomly selected fifteen participants from each of the three mainland camps (West Virginia, Colorado and Wisconsin) for this study.

The results of these surveys were compiled and analyzed using a statistical method called "Analysis of Variance" or ANOVA to see if there is a measurable difference in the survey responses over time, which would indicate an effect or impact of attending camp.

Effectiveness Study Behaviors SelfThis analysis shows that there is a measurable and statistically significant improvement for people who attend camp:

  • Needs: We asked respondents to rate how well twelve needs were met in their lives; the level of satisfaction of all these needs increased while at camp.
  • Behaviors: We asked respondents to rate how often they observed certain behaviors in themselves and in the members of their families. The frequency of observation of all these behaviors in both the respondent and in their family members increased while at camp.

We are very excited to have this tangible evidence of the beneficial impact on families of attending camp. Please feel free to download the full report and share it widely! If you have questions about the methodology or administration of this study or the conduct of the statistical analysis, please contact us.

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